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The Fas Soccer Table Fun Pro is an evolution on the Fas Soccer Table Fun. Difference with the Fas football table Fun is that the Fun Pro a sandblasted playing field, adjustable legs, 360 ° rotating goalkeeper, quality PVC / rubber handles and a wall thickness of 27 mm instead of 22 mm at the Fun.

This football table is strong due to its technical and constructive solution which improves its firmness, ease and security. With its indestructible handles and its steel 70mm diameter legs , the football table has everything you need. 
The Fas Fun Pro football table is available with continuous rods or telescopic rods. The difference between a telescopic rod and a continuous rod is that the rod will not come out on the opponent's side.This is especially safer for children so that they can not get the rod unexpectedly in the stomach.

The rods run in nylon bearings exclusively designed by Fas , guaranteeing a smooth and fast playing experience. Another small tip: When you inject the rods and nylon bearings with silicone spray these will have an even better effect.
In short, a very sturdy, indestructible football table with just that little bit more.

- Made of 27 mm thick walls with lamination 
- Sandblasted playing field of 5 mm 
According to official dimensions: 122.5 x 70 cm
- Steel legs of 70 mm lacquered with anti-scratch layer 
- Adjustable legs 
- Quality PVC / rubber handles 
- 360 ° rotating goalkeeper 
- Available with continuous or telescopic rods 
- 85 cm high 
Indoor football table


  • PLYWOOD cabinet
  • Steel legs
  • Chromed steel rods that have been submitted to anti-rust treatment
  • Ultra-high resistance plastic players in red and blue molded onto the rods
  • Black polyurethane handles
  • Roller bearings


  • 5mm tempered glass playing field

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