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Our Butterfly machine is essential for your chest training. With its rotating grips and integrated easy entry, this machine provides you with an optimum training experience

Take an neutral-grip of the bar (palms facing in). Sit with your shoulders pinned back and puff your chest to maintain great posture. The handles should be set level with your shoulders, setting them too far back creates a stretch in the front delts, which isn’t what we’re after.

Drive your hands into the handles and squeeze your pecs hard as you move the bars in an arc-like motion until they meet in front of your chest. Notice how I twist my grip as I perform the rep? By pushing my inner palm into the machine and finishing each rep with an underhand-grip position, I can squeeze my pecs even more than on a regular rep. Control the weight on the descent, too. Stay in contact with the bench, don’t round your shoulders!

Most of the time I won’t even grip the handles. Instead, I’ll simply push my hands into them, this allows for less forearm activation and greater chest recruitment!

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Manufacturer GYM80
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