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Train without pain! The joint-friendly ZR7 Zero Runner by Octane Fitness is a high performance alternative to treadmills for runners. Suspending the entire body, this unique fitness machine eliminates the harsh impact normally associated with running. It supports zero impact training for anyone’s natural running gait, plus it functions as an elliptical machine and stair stepper. Versatility, efficiency and comfort are key points.

The impressive ergonomics on Octane Zero Runners include innovative pedal design. On most cardo trainers the pedals move in tandem, but the Zero Runner supports more realistic movement. Pedals on the ZR7 move independently from each other to perfectly support natural motion as you climb, stride, glide or run. The ZR7 can accommodate steps up to 58″ long.

Besides being versatile for lower body training, for total body training the ZR7 is loaded with Cross Circuit workouts. These prompt you for strength and resistance training with your arms. Unlike the ZR8 though, the ZR7 does not having moving arm bars.

Octane’s impressive workout technology adapts with your performance to help you stay on track to meet session goals, and Gait Analysis helps you maintain good form. A great variety of workouts are available wirelessly with the SmartLink fitness app, which also tracks workout statistics.

The combination of zero impact and total body movement makes the Octane ZR7 an extraordinarily efficient calorie burner. This versatile treadmill alternative can serve well for weight management, strength training, muscle sculpting, cardio training and endurance training

Star Rating: 5-stars
Motor: n/a
Incline: n/a
Running Area: n/a
Folding: No
Top Speed: n/a
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 63" L x 38" W x 58" H
Built-In Programs: 35 Programs
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Manufacturer OCTANE
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