Spine Alignment Pads (Set of 4)

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Use these versatile, fillable corrective cushions as passive aides to help with spinal alignment during exercise. Filled with firm foam beads, which could be replaced with rice, sand or dried beans.

The rectangular pads can support the shoulders, pelvis or spine. The wedges are ideal for placement at the lumbar or thoracic prominences to de-rotate the spine and encourage a more neutral spinal alignment on the mat or Reformer.

Set includes two rectangular pads and two wedges.

  • Ideal for people with scoliosis or spine deviations
  • Helps correct postural rotations in the spine
  • Comes in two shapes to support different areas of the body
  • Its compressive nature provides comfort and support
  • Passively re-aligns the spine to train the muscles in optimal positions
  • Relieves strain and discomfort caused by misalignments
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Manufacturer Merrithew
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